Storms, Gales and High Waves

Gale force winds or storms may cause loss of power, disruption to our transport network and damage to homes and businesses.

Always stay away from the coast when there are high waves. It is very dangerous for people to be on the coastline when there are high waves.


  • A risk to the lives of people and animals
  • Damage to properties and businesses
  • Damage to infrastructure and communications networks
  • Travel disruptions¬†


  • Deaths and injuries
  • Increased number of admissions to hospitals / visits to GPs
  • Road and travel disruptions
  • Damage and disruption to utilities
  • Damage to properties
  • Impact on our businesses
  • Tidal flooding
  • Displaced families and communities
  • Danger of death (drowning) in coastal areas from high waves
  • Damage to coastal defences

Risk Rating: High

High waves hitting the coast
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