Together with the Environment Agency, BCP Council and Dorset Council hold information for the public in respect of flooding and the use of sandbags.  For more information follow the links below

Environment Agency sandbags: how to use them to prepare for a flood:


BCP – Poole:


BCP – Bournemouth:


BCP – Christchurch:



Flooding can happen without warning. It occurs from a variety of different weather events. Heavy rainfall and melting snow and ice can cause flooding.

Dorset is subject to 3 main types of flooding:

  • Tidal and coastal flooding
  • Rivers (fluvial)
  • Surface water
  • Groundwater


Steps to prepare for and during a flood

If you live in an area that has a risk of flooding, be prepared in advance:

  • Check whether your property is within a flood risk area.
  • You may be able to register for the Environment Agency’s free flood warnings service, via telephone, text or email
  • Listen to your local radio for updates
  • Have sufficient insurance for your property
  • Sign up for flood warnings

Visit the websites below for further information and advice:





  • Risk to the lives of people and animals
  • Damage to properties, businesses, roads, agricultural land
  • Pollution of environment
  • Long term effects to tourism, business and agriculture


  • Disruption to electricity and water supplies
  • Properties being flooded
  • Residents being evacuated from their homes
  • Health problems
  • Access and egress routes are compromised


Risk Rating: High

(depending on the risks: Fluvial Flooding, Coastal Flood, Surface Water Flooding)

Car caught in flood
Flooded drain
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