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The latest advice and information on all aspects of leaving the EU can be reached through the Government’s public information campaign at:


The campaign provides information for:

  • Businesses
  • Individuals
  • UK nationals in the EU
  • EU nationals in the UK


Business specific information

The Government's campaign website provides information on:  

  • Regulation and standards for products and goods
  • Using personal data
  • European and domestic funding
  • Intellectual property
  • Energy and Climate
  • Public sector procurement
  • Employing EU citizens
  • Importing, exporting and transporting
  • Operating in the EU

The UK has a wide range of business sectors from consumer goods to retail and space, the EU Exit campaign website sets out in detail, the steps to consider in preparing for EU Exit.


Government has made available a web-based interactive tool that is designed to support business and give guidance.  

For employers, a web-based toolkit also gives advice to support EU citizens and their families in making an application to the EU Settlement Scheme.

HMRC have developed a wide range of information intended to help businesses be prepared from day one if we leave the EU without a deal.  The information available on this page offers a wealth of in-depth information to ensure businesses are aware of the considerations they will need to make.


The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), have a portal set up to support businesses who are recipients of Horizon 2020 funding.  Registering on this portal is vitally important, with over 5,500 registrations to date.


Importing and Exporting

Key guidance in relation to importing and exporting of goods can be found at this page.


The most important points for business is that the information around EU Exit is being developed at a significant pace by Government and the Brexit pages are key to supporting the exit process.


Information for individuals

The most effective way to find out more information for individuals is to visit the Government EU Exit web pages on

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